The Food Co-Op Coalition

Why Co-ops? Because it's Food You Can Trust!

  • fresher food means higher nutrient density in the food you are eating so the dollars you’re spending on food for you and your family aids in better health and wellness, leading ultimately to fewer health care costs
  • value of shopping co-ops – YOUR dollars go towards helping create and grow a healthy local food economy AND feeds back into local economy – growers and food producers in closer proximity to your co-op – fresher, more nutrient dense food, you often know the grower/food producer
  • food education via knowledgeable staff and shoppers. Learning from each other continually and having fun in the process.  Classes sometimes offered, events, Visits/tours to growers & food producers
  • building & renewing communities one member at a time.
  • be part of growing a healthier environment – reduced environmental impact and less waste
  • accessing your food differently – local, fresher thus more nutritionally dense food
  • co-ops smaller and better able to respond more quickly to consumer concerns and desires, more closely connected with growers and producers who can respond more quickly as well

Co-op Group

  • co-ops socially just and committed to principles of fairness and equity.
  • co-ops are known for cooperation among its member-owners, among consumers, among other co-ops, with-in community and giving back, among other businesses
  • partnerships with other businesses – how can we work together for win-win for others and employees
  • member-ownership is a choice that empowers the whole

The Food Co-op Coalition birthed out of a common vision and mission to build and expand the local food economy in our locales.  Knowing we could be even stronger and more impactful as a group, we created The Food Co-op Coalition in November 2016. WE are part of The Good Life in Region 5!


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Our Purpose:

Develop a strong regional Food Co-op network that improves equity of availability, accessibility and affordability of locally sourced foods in ways that impact our region’s economic prosperity and health/wellness of residents and communities.

We are situated in Region 5 (Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd & Wadena) and formed in November 2016 under the leadership of Region Five Development Commission’s Executive Director, Cheryal Hills, inviting food cooperatives in the region to gather around the table and explore ways to support and grow together with common vision and mission to build and expand the local food economy.

We currently represent approximately 2,530 member-owners, not to mention the “friends” of the co-ops who shop regularly.

Funding provided by: National Joint Powers Alliance Innovation Funds Program

Welcome to Region 5 — and The Good Life

Located at the heart of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, Region 5 is a destination for recreation, industry, and employment.

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