A Hub of Business and Diversity.

Long Prairie is located in the center of Minnesota. The county seat of Todd County, Long Prairie is a thriving community, named for the river that runs through its heart. Excellent schools and medical services make this an ideal home for new businesses as well. With a regional airport, industrial park, industrial business incubator building, and junctions of US Hwy 71, TH 287 and TH 27, Long Prairie is a thriving hub of industry and agricultural processing. There are 5 neighborhood parks and a city-maintained skating rink and warming house for winter activities, and a public beach with a pier and boat access for the summer months. It’s also an ethnically and culturally diverse place, with a strong Hispanic tradition and festivals that celebrate its history of more than 150 years.

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2018 Prairie Fest- by Lydia Smith-Lenardson

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